Rules & Prizes 2018-08-01T11:44:44-05:00

Preliminary Rules

We are taking qualified contestants from all over the world

We have no size requirements

$199 Registration Fee

Female contestants only. Sorry fellas

Contestants can’t be currently pregnant

Contestants between the ages of 18-40 only

Must be in good health and be able to participate in full without limitation

Contestants will be judged on a 10 point scoring system across five different judges

Contestants don’t have to be born in the Caribbean. However, if you weren’t, at least one of your parents or grandparents must be

Cash & Prizes

The champion will receive $50,000 in cash & prizes

1st Runner-up will receive $25,000 in cash & prizes

2nd Runner-up will receive $20,000 in cash & prizes

3rd Runner-up will receive $15,000 in cash & prizes

Cash & prize allotment for remaining contestants to be announced later


Cash and Prize distribution are subject to change based on registration as well as other details/factors. Should any changes occur, we will promptly make an update and notify all affected parties.
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