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US Congresswoman Yvette Clark & President Obama on Air Force One

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When it comes to bringing about change in a town, city, country, or around the world, few have as much power, influence and readily accessible means as politicians do. Each political representative does their part, in their own way, to help effect positive change in the hopes of creating a better future for the people that sent them there. We will highlight some important people who represent or hail from the Caribbean.

US Senator Kamala Harris (D-California)

(Her father is Jamaican)

Largely considered to be the one of the most promising 2020 Presidential hopefuls, and an individual in which many believe strongly (more than likely even long time friends President Barack Obama, as well as former First Lady Michelle Obama) that Kamala Harris will one day become the first ever black female President of the United States. Kamala Harris is a tough, no nonsense woman of many accomplishments, and prior to joining Congress as a United States Senator, was considered by many to be one of the best Attorney Generals in the United States of America, when she served as California’s Attorney General.

Kamala Harris in the below video, visibly angry and demanding answers, wants to know why 700,000 immigrant children who ended up in the United States through no fault of their own, were being targeted for immigration enforcement, and why in addition to this fact were they also having the odds unfairly stacked against them and being given so little time in light of recent natural disasters to do all that was required to protect themselves from immigration enforcement action. Her goal in this questioning was to expose, in no uncertain terms, that the current administration’s words, about wishing to protect all these children, were not matching up to their actions. We’d be hard pressed to say she didn’t succeed.

Kamala Harris’ speech on the floor of the United States Senate, which played a key role in getting Republican lawmakers to resist the pressure, follow their conscience, and vote against a bill that would undo President Obama’s Affordable Care Act health care bill. On that day Kamala Harris, in little over 13 minutes, played a monumental role in protecting not just millions of Americans of all political affiliations, but in doing so also helped protect a signature part of President Barack Obama’s legacy. The Affordable Care Act stands as one of his biggest legislative accomplishments. It is also one of the biggest legislative accomplishments in American history, something many past US Presidents going as far back as the 1930s have stated as something they wish to achieve, but were unable to do so. This is Kamala Harris fighting not just for those she represents in her state of California, but fighting especially for those whom she does not directly represent. This was not a passionate speech in defense of an issue that is solely important to Democrats; it was a passionate defense of an issue that is important to Republicans, Independents, and every possible political affiliation in between, because the ability to access life saving healthcare for a loved one or even a child, has no party affiliation.

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