Miss Jamaica finishes 3rd in Miss Universe 2017

Congratulations Miss Jamaica

As you should already be aware by now, Miss Jamaica, Davina Bennett, managed to finish in 3rd place last night at Miss Universe 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We would like to send her a special congratulations. Davina represented Jamaica, but more broadly, the Caribbean, with grace, elegance, and was so beautiful and charismatic the entire night. She is an inspiration for us not just because she carried the hopes of the entire Caribbean on her back, but more crucially because she is a person who doesn’t just talk the talk. She leads by example. A pageant is sometimes one of those things where many contestants, unavoidably, can come off appearing very scripted or not genuine. When Davina speaks of the foundation she started to help and support the deaf, you can tell this is something that is very near and dear to her heart. She wasn’t speaking in hypotheticals, or from a purely aspirational point of view. This is life for her. And while we congratulate Miss South Africa, we feel we have to address the elephant in the room: We feel very strongly here that Davina Bennett should have been crowned champion of Miss Universe 2017 last night. I mean, you can’t always get what you want, but we quite honestly feel that her answer to the very last question was clearly superior as compared to her fellow contestants, mainly because we feel it carries a certain type of honesty and real life personal importance that is clearly supported by the existing record. What she does with her foundation is incredibly admirable and is something to look up to. And when you hear her story for how she decided to take this on as a life passion, you are going to appreciate her even more. And respect is due for our girl going out there with her natural hair. That was just fantastic. Oh, and was she stunning in that dress of hers, or what? We could talk about Davina all day, but for us here at Miss Caribbean Pageant USA, she’s definitely our champion.

She honestly already had us at “Wah Gwan Las Vegas?” and then this dress happened.. stunning.

An observation.. those kids false started. So unfair 🙂

Learn a little something about Davina. You’ll be surprised to know she was entered into Miss Universe without her knowledge by a friend.

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