Jan 12th, 2018

Author – Kishakerone

Many by now have probably already heard the disgusting, blatantly racist comments made by Donald Trump in regards to people who are not from mostly white majority countries. Donald Trump’s famously well documented racist beliefs and remarks have been known to target many over the years, but his latest shameless and office of the president of the united states diminishing comments seem to center largely around Haiti. Anderson Cooper of CNN, visibly angry and disgusted by the statements, let viewers know how he really felt and took the time to educate just yet another ignorant racist on why his words are offensive and not to be taken lightly. Now as clear and as eloquent as Anderson Cooper was in the videos that will be posted here, make no mistake, it will not have any kind of effect on a Donald Trump whose history is that of a man that was sued by the Federal Government in 1973 for refusing to rent apartments to African Americans, and made sure to inform people that worked for him that this was a policy. Donald Trump’s history of racism is a long one. Any perceived care or concern about a desperate need to change America’s immigration policies in order to “keep Americans safe” has always been a dishonest, transparent lie designed to hide the true purpose and motivation behind his actions. Donald Trump is a racist. If people doubted it before, or thought that maybe people are overreacting, the evidence just continues to pile up, and it’s good when others such as Anderson Cooper see it for what it is, and call it as such. If ever there was a reason for Democrats to not budge an inch or give Donald Trump a win on any of his more controversial and divisive demands in the current immigration related debate going on in Congress, this latest exposure of who the man is would almost certainly be it.

Here is what Anderson Cooper had to say

Anderson calling it what it is.

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