Launch Planning 2017-11-17T00:09:09-05:00

Details of 11-15-2017 Meeting

  • Target date and time of Jan 13-15th 2018 6-10PM for Launch Party. Attempting to book Radisson Hotel New Rochelle, if dates available, for either of those days.

    Update: Looks like we’re booked for January 15th 8-11PM

  • Need a camera person to record and video the event, then edit it afterwards.

    (Note from Mike – The camera person I reached out to, Trell Visuals, is already booked for the 14th of January, but I’ve asked if either the 13th or 15th is possible. Depending on the what date we get for the venue, we may just have to find a different camera person. And depending on the skillset of the camera person we get, in the worst case I can edit the footage myself afterwards since I can do that stuff also)

    Update: The camera person says he is available for both the 13th and 15th. So sooner we can get the venue confirmed, we can book him.

  • We need a step and repeat to be made for the launch (Will contain social media addresses, website address, and any partners or sponsors we decide to highlight. Will also highlight the radio as well as both iPhone and android apps) 

  • Will try to get DJ Kevin Crown to play the event https://www.instagram.com/kevincrownmusic/ Will check with him about his availability. This one probably won’t be easy. He’s always busy, but it’s a very good look if we can get him. Possible backup option, DJ Norie. https://www.instagram.com/djnorie/ 

  • Will try to reach out to and contact a few performers, so we can have a singer or two at the launch party. There should be a few people I can contact that can make this happen. Will see about whether or not more major performers are also a possibility.

  • Letter of introduction for pageant template for consulates to try and get them involved in some fashion.

  • Will attempt to see if https://www.instagram.com/anastagiapierre/ Miss Bahamas is a possibility to show up and host in some fashion. As to whether or not she will have further involvement afterwards, I suppose will depend on the launch if she can make it, and how she feels about it after. She would be a great spokesperson, though.

  • Try to get Bartenura http://bartenura.com/bartenura.html to show up and setup a kiosk of some kind where they offer free samples to the guests. I know someone that has a good relationship with them, so will try to see if that’s possible.

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