The two men, political rivals for years, always maintained their friendship, respect and mutual admiration for one another.

Dec 14th, 2017

Author – Kishakerone

There are just some things that don’t require many words, which is why this will be brief so that the video can speak for itself. I feel like this moment here where former Vice President of the United States of America Joe Biden makes his way over to his friend Senator John McCain’s daughter, Meghan, as she clearly struggles with the pain of her father’s ongoing battle with the very same type of cancer that Joe Biden’s son, Beau Biden, died of as recently as 2015, is a moment that will be remembered for many years to come in US history. Biden upon seeing how much trouble Meghan was having with her very complex emotions, proceeds to grab a hold of her hand and offer comfort in the form of words of hope and encouragement, using her own father as an example of someone who gave him and his son hope. Well, that’s enough of me. Watch the video.


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