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Rule No. 1 – There are no rules

On this page we are going to be handling things a bit differently. This page is absent of rules or particular guidelines for what can or can’t appear here. If it’s interesting or fun, has people talking, or is trending in popularity in one form or another, it’s entirely possible for it to end up on this page. The idea is for there to be a little something for everyone. Some things may be right up your alley, and others may, well, leave you scratching your head.

Let’s get started

You’re looking at the iPhone X

An unboxing video

A guided tour

The Galaxy Note 8

Official Introduction

Samsung’s clever growing up ad

N.E.R.D & Rihanna – Lemon

Can’t decide what we like more. Rihanna rapping, or Mette Towley’s dancing. 

Who is Mette Towley?

The Late Show

Stephen Colbert reacts to Roy Moore

SNL Cold Open at Paul Manafort’s House

Still a classic. The Day Beyonce Turned Black

SNL’s take on Fatal Attraction feat. Kellyanne Conway

How am I just now seeing this?

Sean Spicer Press Conference (Melissa McCarthy) – SNL

First appearance of the now legendary Spicer motorized podium.

Conan invites himself to Gal Gadot’s Apartment..

Don’t feel too bad for Conan. Check out the behind the scenes.

Conan Drives with Tom Cruise. Or does he kidnap him??

President Obama’s final Press Correspondent’s Dinner Speech

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