Thank you everyone! We appreciate you!

We just want to say a very special thank you to all the lovely people who came out and celebrated with us. It was a night of fun, good food (oh my goodness, the food… Special shout-out to CEO and Founder of Take First Caterers, Hughroy Williams, who was able to work up something of a small miracle for us), unbelievable entertainment from an amazing set of professionals and first rate entertainers, and we were able to make a lot of new friends and acquaintances who provided us a whole lot of invaluable input on the creative and organizational direction of this important journey. This event was important to us, and to our larger vision for Miss Caribbean Pageant USA, and we decided early on we had to introduce ourselves to the general public in a very specific, targeted way, so we can start to establish and share our ideas in a way that feels more tangible and real. 

We still have a lot more work to do, so many people to thank and acknowledge, and we have so much from that night that we will share with all who didn’t have the pleasure of being there. And for those who were fortunate enough to be present, we will be forever archiving these wonderful memories. Special thank yous must go out to our fantastic hosts, Avril Francis and Mr. Dave Ray, event manager and recent birthday boy Dr. Jarvis, who by the way is an amazing dancer (footage coming up to prove this.) Many more to thank, such as DJ Fatta Diamond, whose contribution was much more significant than he appreciates, the amazing belizean singer/songwriter Mesha Steele, who was accompanied by what had to be one of the most unbelievable bands we have ever witnessed in person. They were truly something else, and we look forward to working with them again in the future. This post will be updated with proper attribution, because we want to acknowledge everyone who helped make that all important night of August 12th, 2018 possible. Thank you to DJ. Bandit for coming up clutch for us when we needed him most, and same to photographer Richard Holmes. Thank you to Trell Visuals, who provided video services for the event, and who will be creating an amazing video for us to remember that night by. Thank you to the wonderful (& glamorous) Diva Madonna for being a friend and strong advocate. Thank you to all the beautiful young women who modeled for us and wore sashes. You are all very appreciated, more than you know. We may even have a few contestants in there somewhere… We are positive we are missing some people in this quick post, but rest assured we will almost certainly not forget, above all, Mr. Glenroy Walker, who if not for his significant personal as well as professional sacrifices to ensure that specific things were in place, that night would not have been possible. So thank you Glenroy. 

Much more to come.


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