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Money Talk Radio is an exciting new Radio Station that utilizes the very familiar realm of radio and takes it into some pretty interesting, even unexpected, places, which combined with the long term vision as it’s been laid out for us, made Miss Caribbean Pageant USA all the more excited to bring them on as a promotional partner. Combined with their growing content schedule, we are most excited about where our continued collaboration will lead us. You can expect us to debut new information from time to time through Money Talk Radio, and even live broadcast events.

If you want to advertise or potentially even have a show of your own on Money Talk Radio, we are excited to notify you that there will be a form added to this page in the coming days where you can do precisely that and even pay to advertise directly on Money Talk Radio. If you’re an aspiring artist who wants his music played to an audience on Money Talk radio’s app, on tunein, WVIP 93.5FM, or to an audience that spreads to multiple states in the US, as well as to parts of the caribbean without any red tape being involved, you may want to pay attention to this.  If you’re a promoter looking to advertise an upcoming event, this too will be a good opportunity for you. Details will be included on the form when it goes live, but what we can say right now is that as a part of the special promotion we are doing, you can expect some incredibly good deals!

Be sure to also grab the Android App. iPhone app in development. Link will be provided when available.

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