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Giving Back

Every bit as important, and in many ways central to the goal of trying to provide a platform for the Caribbean to shine, is a strong desire to give back and contribute to the advancement of the greater Caribbean community. 

Computer Labs

We can help a school towards the goal of providing the much needed advantage of a state of the art computer lab to help keep students, young and old, ahead of the curve and fully prepared for the jobs of the future. Nowhere is it more important than in the Caribbean for the community to be engaged and familiar with the basic navigation and effective use of the incredible wealth of resources available at one’s fingertips through computers.

School adoption

We also adopt and take on a much deeper role in the overall development of entire education facilities. The importance of a top tier education in the Caribbean cannot be overstated enough. Whether it’s computers and other forms of technology, or basic needs such as desks for students to sit at, and other essential supplies and/or textbooks, we are happy to lend a helping hand. Or perhaps the need is just a vastly improved, more adequately stocked library, Miss Caribbean Pageant USA and our partners are committed to seeing it through until the job is complete.

Contact us: info@misscpusa.com

Medical Missions / Clinics

Access to affordable, high quality healthcare is still a challenge in many places in the Caribbean. This is an even greater challenge where it concerns young children, who are often faced with a multitude of easily treatable conditions in their early and most crucial early developmental stages that, left unchecked, lead to complications that can affect these kids well into adulthood. We all personally know someone that has had to live with a particular condition or illness from childhood all the way to their later years when they themselves become parents.

It is our goal to end this cycle. Miss Caribbean Pageant USA, with the gracious assistance of our partners and sponsors – some who are happy to be named, others who choose to remain anonymous but are content providing for a just cause, has been busy organizing free healthcare clinics all over the Caribbean. In just the last year alone, we’ve organized 58 such events with amazing results, and we want to do more. So please feel free to reach out to us at info@misscpusa.com

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