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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is where you can get all your questions related to Miss Caribbean Pageant USA answered.

This will be a list that is continually updated as we receive more and more feedback.

How much is the pageant registration fee?

The pageant registration fee is $199

What if a contestant doesn’t have the VISA necessary to travel to the USA for the competition?

Obviously in order for a contestant to be able to participate in Miss Caribbean Pageant USA, they, of course, must be able to travel to the United States. That said, we don’t discriminate simply because someone isn’t immediately able to travel.  For instance, you do not need to be able to travel to the U.S. as of  registration, but you must be able to travel to the United States by a reasonable point in time before the pageant starts, which will be sometime in the late 2018-2019 timeframe.

Where do I sign up?

You sign up by using the form on this page. It’s also where you can register your interest to be apart of Miss Caribbean Pageant USA in other capacities, such as DJ, stylist, dancer, etc. It’s a pretty decently sized list, and we welcome suggestions for contributions even beyond what’s listed there.

How old do I need to be?

The age range for this competition is 18-40. We know true beauty doesn’t end in your late 20s or mid to late 30s.

Are there any specific size requirements?

No, there absolutely isn’t. You need not be a stick figure to have a fair and equal opportunity of participating. We are celebrating women, and we are aware that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Do I need to be born in the Caribbean to enter?

No, you do not. As long as at least one of your parents or grandparents are from the Caribbean, you are eligible to enter this pageant.

What kind of prizes are we looking at for the winner?

Cash and Prizes are in the range of $50,000 for the champion, all the way down to $15,000 in cash and prizes for the 3rd Runner up. The exact breakdown for 1st and 2nd runner ups are available on this page.

What is the date of the actual competition, and what are the different categories in which contestants will have to compete in order to win?

The date is not currently being announced at this stage, but it will be held sometime in the 2018-19 timeframe. Competition events will also be announced not too long after our official launch party on August 12th, 2018.

Where is the launch party being held, and can I attend?

All launch party details can be found on this page, and you can also purchase tickets through there as well. It will be held at the Radisson Hotel on August 12th from 6 – 11PM. We will have Power 105.1’s DJ Norie providing music and entertainment, with a special performance by singer/songwriter Mesha Steele, and further rounding out the musical entertainment for the night will be none other than DJ Fatta Diamond. This is not the only entertainment for the night, but these are what we are revealing at this time.

Tickets can be purchased from the eventbrite page, in addition to on this very website.

Are there specific educational requirements for being a contestant? 

This is very important to us. We do NOT have any explicit educational requirements that would prevent a contestant from entering. We have a very thorough and professional screening/interview process by which we will talk to and get to know all potential contestants, and there are many ways to judge intelligence and education besides how far one has progressed through school. We have this rule because understand completely that in many instances, especially in the Caribbean, there are cases where young girls are forced due to their life circumstances to sacrifice education in favor of bringing money into the household, taking care of loved ones or even their younger siblings. They are essentially forced to forego all the pleasures of a normal childhood and more or less become adults at a very early age, and it is important for us at Miss Caribbean Pageant USA that such extraordinary individuals are not excluded from participating in this pageant. If such an unfortunate thing were to happen, we wouldn’t be fulfilling one of our primary missions and purposes. So rest easy, we will never discriminate based on education.



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